D&L’s Biopolymers Receive International Certification

March 21, 2019 – D&L Industries subsidiary D&L Polymers & Colours, Inc. (DLPC) has received international certification for its compostable biopolymers or more commonly known as biodegradable plastics. The certification came from DIN CERTCO which is a Berlin-based organization that does conformity assessment based on various international standards. Two product lines have been certified. These are BC 9100 series (registration number: 7W0315) used for films and straws and BC 9200 series (registration number: 7W0316) used for cutlery and containers.

With the certification, biopolymers under DLPC’s proprietary Biorez ® line are now recognized worldwide as compliant with EN13432 which is the European standard for biodegradable plastics whose end of life is either through composting or as feedstock in anaerobic digestion. The standard sets out the requirements for biodegradable plastics which include, among others, heavy metal limits, 90% biodegradation within six months, and eco-toxicity testing which ensures that soil is still conducive for plant growth after biodegradable plastics have composted on it. The Philippines’ standard for biodegradable plastics known as PNS-2102 is an adaptation of the European Standard (E13432) and US Standard (ASTMD6400). 

Biorez ® can be used in most single-use plastic applications such as bags, straws, cups, bottles, and films for sachets. It has been exported to Italy for bags and cutleries application. 

DLPC is the only company in the Philippines that manufactures biodegradable products which are internationally certified. It has the capability to service the local plastic industry and even the export market should they decide to switch to more sustainable and biodegradable raw materials. 

These initiatives represent D&L’s steadfast commitment to both R&D and product innovation, allowing the company to achieve sustainable growth and increase its relevance to customers. In addition, it’s part of the group’s advocacy to promote “green chemistry”. 

“Biopolymers is an industry that we are developing in the Philippines. The market is now aware that we are the leaders in this technology. This certification gives credibility to our brand Biorez ® which opens opportunities to service not just domestic but also overseas demand. While the current contribution to our sales remains small, we are optimistic on the potential of biopolymers as the world shifts towards more sustainable and environment-friendly plastic materials.”, remarked Lester Lao, the Managing Director of DLPC. 

Learn more about biopolymers by reading our FAQs.

FAQs on Biopolymers

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