Values Formation

Strengthening Education

Sustainable Livelihood

The Lao Foundation Beneficiaries

The Lao Foundation (LFI) hopes to work with institutional partners that implement direct programs and services that empower schools and NGOs that create a sustainable impact.

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Partner-Based Educational Program

LFI partners with 11 other non-profit organizations to offer indirect educational scholarships to the most in-need. LFI works as a funding body, keeping close relationships with its partners and scholars, and putting emphasis on Values Formation.

Community-Based Educational Program

LFI also implements its own educational scholarships and outreach programs in communities where D&L Companies are located. In 2017, LFI began its very own scholarship program for Senior High School and College students. LFI meets its scholars once a month to focus on Values Formation Sessions.

Teachers’ Welfare Program

LFI emphasizes the importance of supporting teachers. We partner with two organizations to support the salaries of teachers in the slum area, and cover stipends and allowances of retired teachers.

LBL Educational Program

LFI recognizes the importance of supporting the employees of the D&L Group of Companies, by awarding educational grants to their children annually and providing full scholarships to their children and dependents, with an emphasis on Values Formation

Special Assistance Program

LFI has also supported educational assistance projects, as well as other health and wellness projects.

Children of Coconut Farmers

LFI’s new scholars provide education to the children of hardworking coconut farmers around the Philippines.

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